All dreams are crazy. Until they come true.

We are an accounting firm and business consultancy focused on supporting entrepreneurs through their business journey.

For over two decades we’ve been fortunate enough to witness some amazing business journeys.  Watching our clients grow from start-up to thriving business is what keeps us motivated to do what we do.

Our company works in a collaborative ecosystem to advance our client’s goals.  The talented accountants at TA are tasked to manage and monitor the financial health of our client’s personal and business situations.  At the same time, our experienced consultants analyze the financial data and partner with clients to develop strategic plans to better their business.

Corporate Tax

Keeping compliant and monitoring financial health of the business.

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Bookkeeping & Payroll

Keeping the day-to-day financial tasks organized.

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Personal Tax

Compliance and tax filing for individuals and sole proprietors.

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Business Consulting

Strategic planning to work smarter and increase profits.

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At Tran & Associates, we are constantly developing content to share our insights on accounting and business strategies with entrepreneurs. TAnacity is a program we created to provide entrepreneurs with content, courses, tools, and consulting services.  Check back frequently for our updated content and check out our social media profiles below.

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Why would anyone risk all their hard-earned savings, or use their home as collateral, or turn away a stable job?  And why would anyone want to work long hours every day with no guarantee of a paycheck just to run a business?  As entrepreneurs ourselves, we think we do all of this for the same reason – to do what we want under our own terms.

Don't bear it on your own Let's work together.