We rise by lifting others.

This famous quote from Robert Ingersoll sums up our collaborative view of entrepreneurship at Tran & Associates.  We work directly with you and help you build a better better business so you can live a better life.

We go beyond accounting to help our client’s grow, scale and improve their businesses with our proven business and marketing strategies.For more than a decade we’ve been there to support our client’s business journeys, as well as our own.


Getting an idea or project off the ground often comes with challenges. It is hard to anticipate the pitfalls, what is and isn’t going to work and how your customers will respond.
The best way to avoid tunnel vision is to allow someone else in. You may find yourself on a wide-open road.
We give entrepreneurs a second opinion, strategies and troubleshoot potential problems to ensure a launch is successful. Sometimes having an extra pair of eyes and perspectives can get you back on the right track. Whether you are a start-up, a growing or established business, we have insights that will flesh out your latest venture. We work with you, using agile thinking to define your values and to facilitate a quick, creative, flexible and collaborative process that builds on your beliefs to meet your customer’s expectations. Our five-step design thinking process then allows you to develop and test your product or service with innovation, problem solving and customer experience in mind.

Area that we coach on:

  • Product/service launch support
  • Marketing strategy
  • Sales processes
  • Business operations
  • Succession planning
  • Accounting systems
$250 per 1-hour session (in person or via live video)

Strategic Planning

The reason for your business’ existence is the basis of everything you are doing.

Your ‘why’ must be clear.

In our CORE STRATEGY program you will be coached through various exercises and activities to create a clear and concise position statement that encompasses the purpose of the business. 

Using your position statement, you will then develop your company’s vision and mission statement, two documents that will guide your projects, marketing, hiring and business practices.

Finally, you will develop short, medium and long-term goals based on your mission and vision statements that will guide the growth of your business

What we offer:

  • 3 hour CORE Strategy Session
  • Collaborative Position Statement Process
  • Mission and Vision Statement Development
  • Target Market and Persona Development
  • Short, Medium and Long-Term Goal Creation
  • Detailed roadmap and marketing strategy report that can be used by our team or your own team to launch the identified marketing initiatives.
$2500 – $5000 (depending on length of planning session)

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