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How to Hire a Professional Accountant – it doesn’t have to be us 😉

My “5 Thought’s” Process of Hiring a Professional Accountant (or any kind of professional…really) If you’re a business owner and think accountants are just number pushers or professionals who you see at year end for taxe...

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Retirement Pension for Entrepreneurs

For many entrepreneurs, the bulk of their retirement savings are in their physical business. It is very common for entrepreneurs to plan for a golden parachute or sale of their business upon retirement. All the equity built up would translate into ca...

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The DEATH of Retail

So many major retail store brands have filed for bankruptcy over the last 2 years including brands like Sears, Toys R Us, Mattress Firm, Claires, etc. Is the retail store model dead? What is causing so many of these once iconic brands go bankrupt or ...

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We love our AWESOME clients! Thank-you!

In the midst of this tax season I just wanted to take a quiet moment to shout “THANK YOU!!!” to all our amazing clients of current and even past. We always aim to be more than just “a signature and an invoice”. We still have a...

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What Every Retail Store Can Learn From Lego

You might be expecting a building metaphor – something about how building your business is like building a Lego project, but this blog is simply about looking at how mimicking winning retail sales strategies can be a way to get more paying customer...

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Why you need to focus on Customer Experience

Today, as companies find it harder to differentiate their products and services, and customers demonstrate less brand loyalty than ever before, the ability to deliver superior customer service and experience is the key to maintaining a competitive ed...

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